Top 5 Reasons Why Food Toppers are Great For your Pet!

Top 5 Reasons Why Food Toppers are Great For your Pet!

Top 5 Reasons Why Food Toppers Are the Best for Your Pet

Did you know that good nutrition is the foundation of a happy and healthy pet? Like humans, pets need a balanced diet because it provides them with the energy they need to play, explore and love us unconditionally. 

While there are numerous healthy and natural foods for pets, the benefits that come with food toppers cannot go unnoticed. Including them in your pets' diet is a fun and easy way of turning your pets' meals into a tasty gourmet feast.

Would you like to unleash the power of pet food toppers? Read on and learn 5 reasons why food toppers are the best for your pet.

  1. Entice Reluctant Pets to Eat

Is your pet a finicky eater? Food toppers make regular food taste better and they entice such a pet into enjoying its meal.

Sometimes, you may need to entice your pet dog to take those first few bites of their meal. For instance, the dog may be on a special medicated diet that it doesn't find appealing. Like humans, pets too lose their appetite when they aren't feeling well. Some even stop eating when boarding or traveling. 

Whatever the reason, dog food toppers have an irresistible scent and taste of real meat that makes your dog enjoy its dinner. The tasty food topper intrigues your pet to take the first few bites of the food they could have otherwise found stale.

  1. Source of Hydration

Food toppers give your pet all the benefits that come with moisturized pet's diet. Most pets don't take enough water during the daytime, even if you provide them with sufficient access to clean water. For that reason, freeze-dried meal toppers are a sure way to ensure that your pets are well-hydrated.

Besides, some pets could be suffering from diabetes or kidney diseases. Such pets are prone to dehydration. 

Cats are even more prone to dehydration than dogs since the ancestral cats were desert animals who obtained the moisture they needed from their meals and rarely drank from pools or streams. Modern cats have retained this culture and they hardly take as much water as they should. Thus, wet food toppers can serve as a source of hydration, which your pet cat needs.

  1. Nutritional Supplements/Probiotics

Meal toppers are a great source of extra protein, fiber, and nutrients for your pet's diet. Since Vital Essentials dog and cat food toppers don't use bulk fillers, freeze-dried kibble gives your pet more protein than it could if you served it with traditional kibble.

Additionally, pet food toppers pack a magnificent amount of nutritional value into even a small amount of food. Some toppers contain pre and probiotics or supplements like chondroitin and glucosamine for extra support.

  1. Soften Kibble

Some pet dogs find it hard to dig crunchy kibbles. Others may not be able to chew, although this could be as a result of serious dental issues. Gravy, stew, and broth-type toppers can help soften kibble to make it easier for your pup to munch away.

  1. Offer Flavor Varieties

How would you feel eating the same type of food every day? Exploring and eating different foods and flavors makes life enjoyable, even for pets!

Since there is a wide variety of toppers out there, your pet can stay on a regular diet and enjoy different flavors that make their feast enjoyable.

Bottom Line

Food toppers are the ultimate solution to making your pets' food enjoyable, healthy, and nutritious. From enticing finicky eaters to providing hydration, nutritional supplements, and softening kibbles, to offering flavor varieties, food toppers are a fun and easy way of transforming your pets’ meal into a gourmet feast. Ensure that your furry friend enjoys most of their meal by adding food toppers to their diet today!

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