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My name is Tami Maier and I’m the founder of Live Pawsitively where you will find only the best for your pets!!!

I want to share a bit of why I decided to take special care of our little fur babies. I’m originally from Miami, Florida and studied at Florida State University acquiring degrees in Bachelor of Science in Social Work, along with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and am currently earning my degree in Companion Animal Nutrition.


I am a single mom of four amazing children ages, 24, 22, 21 and 18 and they are the reason I started a completely different career in pet services, as this allowed me the time to care for my children and be a part of their busy schedules.


Live Pawsitively started out 11 years ago under the name Pawsitive Pet Sitting, offering pet sitting services to my friends and family members. It grew to offer


  • Homemade single ingredient dog treats
  • A natural and organic dog food
  • Aromatic holistic sprays for fleas and ticks
  • Natural candles to eliminate odors
  • Luxurious comfortable beds and blankets.
  • We offer this for pets of all shapes, sizes and ages.


 This job was truly a blessing for me as it grew exponentially and it also allowed me the flexibility to do something I loved and was able to care for animals. I’m always honored that my clients trust me wholeheartedly with their beloved pets needs.  

As I have performed my work during the years I have experienced the unfortunate passing of many pets. Whether to cancer, old age or many other reasons that could have been avoided or minimized by concentrating on a more holistic approach to animal care. Due to these experiences, I decided to carry a line of products under the name Live Pawsitively to offer only “the best for your pets”.


My desire is to help our pets live the longest and healthiest lives possible, providing all natural treats,food, supplements, aromatherapy and much more.  My aim is to offer the care, companionship, nutrition, exercise and comfort through a holistic approach in all these areas.


All of our products are made in the USA!  Enjoy shopping with us and we hope you find many items that you and your pets will fall in love with!


Live Pawsitively, is the best for your pets!


Hugs and Love,