How owning a Pet has helped During the Covid-19 Pandemic

How owning a Pet has helped During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The loss of our daily routines from Covid-19 has definitely put an emotional strain on all of us. That being said it is no surprise that our pets are becoming our best companions during a time of such isolation from our world as we know it.

Pets provide unconditional love and support and daily contact with them can help reduce stress and anxiety especially during stressful and emotional situations.

Research has shown that pets help particularly in older adults cope with social isolation and loneliness.  Seniors have always been more at risk of social isolation due to their stage of life including spouses and friends passing away, children busy with their jobs and raising families, and health issues keeping them stuck at home.

However now due to Covid-19 people of all ages and stages of life are experiencing social isolation to some level. And spending time with their pet can provide a much needed boost to their emotional well being.

We have all started connecting remotely with others thru things such as FaceTime, zoom and social media which is all great but pets are physically present. To have a pet by your side offers so much more for your emotional well being keeping depression and anxiety at lower levels. 

Pets do not know anything is different during the pandemic and still require us to carry on with their normal routines.  Keeping their routines is also beneficial to us because it gets us outside for fresh air and daily exercise.

At Live Pawsitively we hope that everyone always sees the value of having pets and hopefully one thing we have learned from Covid-19 is that pets truly can make your life  a bit more fun and interesting and their unconditional love is something we should never ever take for granted.


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The Doggy Bag is here!

The Doggy Bag is here!


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