Chicken Jerky, Chicken Breast, Chicken Medley Dog Treat Pack


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If your dog loves Chicken this is a great option when you want to give them the very best! Our 3 pack includes,  one 5 oz  bag of chicken Jerky which is 100% dehydrated chicken breast, One 3.5 oz  bag of Freeze Dried Chicken Medley (chicken hearts, liver and gizzards) and a 4 oz bag of Freeze Dried Chicken Breast .  All of our treats are free of fillers, additives, preservatives and are all grain free.  Highly processed pet treats can contribute to cancer and other health issues because they contain so many artificial and completely unnecessary preservatives and ingredients.

If your dog has a known allergy to a certain kind of protein, single-ingredient treats are the way to go. They provide peace of mind because you’ll know exactly which kind of protein they’re made of. For example, beef only, or lamb only.